Friday, September 3, 2010

Unusual Art at the PNE

Rides, cotton candy, clowns Though it sounds strange, the art exhibits at Vancouver's PNE have been wildly successful for artists and organizers alike. Works of art showcased in cargo containers involve everything from metalwork installations to re-vamped cars. 

The unusual exhibit has been drawing huge crowds and giving the artists involved unprecedented exposure, one such artist, Ken Gerberick, explains "I'm totally stoked having my stuff at the PNE.. Look at how many people are looking at it". However, it is not just the artists that are befitting from the event, "the introduction of the installation type of art set inside unused shipping containers also won the PNE an industry award for the most innovative new concept in the business in 2009" (the province). 

So if you are planning to hit the PNE, which is in town until September 6th, make sure you check out the art between arcade games and candy apples!

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