Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Product Review: Metallic Paper

Here at Vancouver on Canvas we have been printing on metallic paper for a while. It is a great product with a unique effect that has become popular with professional photographers. Since it is a relatively new paper for the inkjet process, we thought our other customers could benefit from knowing a little more about it.

This innovative product from Lexjet (maker's of last week's Satin Cloth, go Lexjet!), when printed with pro-quality pigment based inks, gives the final print a deep metallic sheen that is unlike any other photo paper. It works amazingly well for textures like satin, chrome, and glossy skin, and gives prints the sense of luxury that those materials imply.

Until the development of Lexjet Photo Metallic paper, results like these where only available to photographers using chemical photo-processing equipment. This Lexjet product makes the process of getting stunning metallic prints simpler and more environmentally friendly. At Vancouver on Canvas we can print directly from digital files from your camera onto metallic paper, giving your pictures that extra 'pop' that catches the eye.

What others are saying:

Photo bloggers are have posted some rave reviews of this paper. Ron Martinsen of raves about this paper in an article with the provocative title “This Paper Sells Prints”. He makes the point that a beautiful, eye-catching print is more likely to attract attention that an image on a hard-drive. Brian Hampton told the Lexjet blogger that the paper gave him the best of both worlds -durability and excellent detail, such as he had not found in other products.

Die Sonne geht auf oder doch nicht

Photo by Mario Werder, via Flikr

TIPS: Which images to try

Not all images benefit from this paper, and from what I have read there is no hard and fast rules about what works and what doesn't, but here are a few tips on what images to try, based on my experience and discussion forums by those far more experienced that me.

-try black and white images, the metallic paper gives them a silvery sheen

-images of naturally glossy or shiny things, like satin, water, or new cars.

-images with a lot of high-impact reds and oranges (like sunsets)

-High-contrast images with deep colours.

-Very sharp images.

We invite you to try out your images on the Lexjet Metallic Paper available at Vancouver on Canvas. You just might love what you see!

Carousel in Plaza Mayor 01

photo by Shadowgate Via Flickr

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