Friday, May 22, 2015

Tattoo Art

We can find permanent body art dating back thousands of years. It is one of the world's oldest forms of art. The significance of a tattoo is as diverse as each culture in the world. 

Each society has it's own application of tattoos. Some societies use tattoos for status, others to identify with your tribe, and some to show loyalty and devotion. One reason we all can agree with is that most wearers find the beauty in the art. 

The oldest discovery of tattoos dates to 5200 thousand years. A frozen body identified as "Ice Man" was found on a mountain between Austria and Italy. His body was marked with various tattoos. 

There is a certain taboo that comes with getting a tattoo because many people associate it with criminals or being unprofessional. However, in today's society it is becoming more mainstream and normal. It doesn't hold such a negative image as it used to.

Tattoos are created by inserting indelible ink into the skin to change the pigmentation. This is a permanent (and usually painful) process, but in the end the image will be a meaningful and long lasting.

Like many forms of art, tattoos come in different styles from geometric lines to realistic portraits. Tattoo artistry has changed over times. What used to be tribal markings or something you would get when you went off to the military, now requires artistic and creative ability combined with skill and technique to execute it. Many tattoo artists also do traditional artwork. 

There are many different styles of tattoos as there is as many different art movements.

Traditional / Old School: 

Known as Western or American style tattoo, it features bold lines and colours and the images have little depth. These tattoos were commonly seen on sailors or military men. The images were commonly patriotic or related to sailor life.

Tattoo by Jessy Albert Junior

New School:

Using elements from different styles of tattoo, new school tattoos feature bold lines, bright colours and the subject is usually exaggerated. The subject can vary and are not limited like old school tattoos. 

Tattoo by Shwa Keirstead


Tattoos that look almost like photographs of the person, place or thing. These tattoos can be done in colour or black and grey. The artist has to have a good eye for fine details.

Tattoos by Fester Castruita


These tattoos are usually depictions of mythical icons or symbolic creatures. Most of the imagery is based on historical and cultural backgrounds.

Tattoo by "The Dutchman"


Tattoos that are meant to look like watercolour paintings. Brush strokes are mimicked and they usually isn't any outlines to give it a paint effect.

Tattoos by Rene Botha

 There are many more different tattoo styles that I haven't mentioned in this blog. Tattoos and the views about it have changed immensely over time. With a variety of different styles, the art form has become better received and accepted as art.

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