Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hyperrealism and Photorealism

The creativity and style of an artist is unique and fascinating. Sometimes we look at a photo or a piece of art and we just fall in love with the beauty or the message. Even if the artwork is questionable it speaks for the artist and we get to experience something from their mind.

I've always loved art and design so I try to engage with all the artists and photographers that come into our office. You can always learn something from them. Each piece that is produce takes a lot of time and energy. It could be a painter trying to convey an emotion with their artwork or a photographer trying to catch the best light to take a photo. All the work behind the piece is just as amazing as the final product.

So what happens when you combine photography with a painting or a drawing? I don't mean taking a photo of a painting or drawing, I mean creating a piece of art that is so realistic it looks like a photo. 

Photorealism is a genre of art that uses different types of media to create a work that resembles a photo. Hyperrealism is a genre of paintings, drawings or sculptures that resemble a high-resolution photo. Both genres are meant to look realistic that you almost cannot decipher the artwork from the original photo. The exception is that photorealistic artwork can be made with different media so you can tell it apart but it still looks amazingly real. 

Photorealism:  Ballpoint Pen Portrait by Juan Francisco Casas
I remember first seeing a hyperrealistic painting on a blog and I just couldn't believe it was true. I couldn't imagine all the tedious hours you'd have to put in to achieve this type of art. I can't imagine how these pieces would look in person.
Hyperrealism: Oil Painting on Wood by Bryan Drury

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