Thursday, May 7, 2015

[NEW PRODUCTS] Art and Framing Supplies

At VancouverOnCanvas, we have worked along side countless talented artists and photographers to meet their printing and framing needs. Aside from getting custom giclee prints, picture frames and dry mounting done, we know that many artists prefer to be involved with almost all aspects of their work. This includes the small finishing touches to complete a piece and make it ready to show!

We now offer an array of art, framing and finishing supplies to help you get your artwork ready for art galleries, showcases or clients. They are also great for personal projects that you are doing for yourself, friends or family. 


For our traditional visual artists, we have artist canvases that come in standard and custom sizes.  If you need a custom canvas or just canvas by the foot we have a variety of canvas material to fit your needs. If you are looking for tools to complete your artwork, we also have finishing supplies, such as: stretcher bars, canvas pliers, cloth tape and the protective canvas coating


Foamboard, Gatorboard and Matboards

Dry mounting is one of the most popular services we offer.  It allows you to mount prints for easy displaying, which takes away the fuss of a picture frame and has a modern look.  However, it isn't limited just for prints. If you need a rigid surface for a creative project or for a picture frame we also supply mounting boards such as: gatorboard, foamboard, matboards, cork boards and birch wood boards.



Wooden panels are great for arts and craft projects, and we've seen a growing popularity in using wooden panels for prints and artwork. If you were looking for a substrate that has more weight than a mounting board, this is a great option.  The rigid surface allows artists to create a complete work of art that doesn't need to be to framed or mounted later. 

Wooden panels can be used as an alternative for canvas for either prints, paintings, drawings or mixed media art projects.  One of the most popular use of wooden panels is for applying resin coating to paintings or prints. The strong surface allows the epoxy to evenly spread across and support the extra weight.  

1) Wooden Panel with Painted Edge. 2) Wooden Panel with Natural Edge


All our custom made picture frames come assembled with the hanging hardware. However, if you are in need of extra hardware or you want framing supplies for your own picture frames, you can now order them from our website. 

We have a large assortment of framing hardware for wooden and metal frames. This includes: wall hooks, ring hangers, wires, and offset clipsIf you need tools to complete a frame we also have tapes, adhesives and univ wedges

We also have premade metal frames that can be used for exhibitions or displaying certificates. If you have a keepsake that you want to frame, we also have shadow boxes for jerseys or special memorabilia. We have the traditional jersey shadow box and a frame light shadow box that will make your keepsakes shine!



For resellers or artists selling their work, we have display racks that neatly display and organize your prints. We also have easels for a traditional way of displaying artwork and it can be used for painting.

If you are starting a new piece or need tools to complete your project, be sure to check out our new art supplies page! Visit for all your printing, framing and mounting needs.

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