Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Caroun Art Gallery

As an artist, getting your work noticed will always be constant work even if you have been recognized.  Having it shown in an art gallery is probably a goal that many artists aspire to accomplish. Caroun Art Gallery has a unique approach where artists are not only featured in their gallery space, but they are featured and promoted online, and encouraged to build a community with fellow artists in Vancouver and all over the world.

The gallery accepts all artists from around the world with  different artistic backgrounds and skills. Painters, poets, photographers, sculptors and etc. are all welcomed and encouraged to join.

Along with their gallery space they have set up four online avenues to showcase art:

 Caroun Art & Cultural Centre (CACC) (

The Caroun Art and Cultural Centre is a dedicated resource centre that has useful information about art related subjects. Many of the resources on this website are written by knowledgeable artists in the field. All artists are welcome to contribute their knowledge to this website. It is a great platform to discover new artists, spread knowledge and learn more about art from around the world.

Caroun Art Gallery (CAG): (

The Caroun Art Gallery's website will have updated information about their exhibitions and a directory of all their artists (even the ones that aren't showing in the gallery space). Artists will have their own profile which allows them to detail all their accomplishments and their art. The website is a great way to connect with an array of artists and learn more about their work.

Caroun Photo Club (CPC): (

The Caroun Photo Club was created to appreciate the art of photography. It is meant to connect photographers on a national and international scope. CPC is also a member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA)  which holds contests and exhibitions throughout Canada. CPC also holds it's own annual photo contest that allows photographers to compete with each other while making new connections.

Caroun Shopping: (

This online store allows people who cannot go to the gallery to purchase work from their favourite artists. It features members from all their clubs. This allows artists to sell their work even if they aren't showing and allows people outside of Vancouver to buy art.

Becoming a member of the Caroun Art Gallery allows you access to great resources and connect with a large art community. Art enthusiasts are able to discover new talent and artists get a great platform to show off their work.

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