Friday, September 23, 2016

Upcoming Vancouver Art Events & Their Submission Deadlines


"A young visitor checks out some of the offerings at the Deer Lake Craft Festival." 
Photograph by Jennifer Gauthier, sourced from Burnaby Now

A happy Friday hello to all our artists, photographers and crafters out there! Although fall has only just begun, many local winter-themed art exhibitions and craft events are already underway in preparation...and whether you're a hobbyist or professional, we don't want you to miss out on any chances to sell or exhibit your work!

For the next two months, watch the submission dates for the following art and craft events in the Vancouver + neighboring areas:

SMTC Christmas Fair 2016 (Burnaby): SEPT 30

Winter Treasures Port Moody: OCT 02

ACT Art Gallery Ensemble 2016: OCT 17

2016 Deer Lake Craft Festival: OCT 28

Annonymous Art Show (North Vancouver): OCT 29

Plaskett Gallery 2017 Artist Call:  OCT 31

If there are any we have missed, let us know! We love being part of the art scene, whether it's admiring your works, or assisting with the behind the table stuff! Which ones will you guys be hitting up? For those of you who have been before, which would you recommend our artists to participate in, or our patrons to visit as their first event? 

Planning to attend? We can help! Check out our website for an assortment of canvas and giclee fine art printing services, as well as other products such as wood panels and display racks. 

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