Friday, April 7, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Michael Halbert with his Craft Brewery Artwork

Happy Friday everyone!

Before you head off for some weekend cheers and drinks, we were any of these images look familiar to you?

If they do, it's probably because you have seen them at some point while you wander Vancouver - perhaps at a restaurant, or passing by Gastown...

Ta-dah!! For today's feature, we'd like to cast the spot on scratchboard artist Michael Halbert, who gives this local favourite its recognizable charm!

Michael Halbert is by far one of my art idols. His specialty is in scratchboard illustration, a process in which the image comes alive through the artist scratching the lines off, revealing the negative space. The amount of detail and precision that is in his work is absolutely mindblowing, and I just had to share and spread the love.

If you are unfamiliar with his work, you can find some of his most iconic pieces on the branding of Vancouver-based craft brewery "Steamworks". Check out his magic below:

Totally amazing!!


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