Friday, June 2, 2017

Parker Art Salon Recap + Artist Feature and Case Study!

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying these little breaks of summer we keep getting. We can't wait for summer to finally stick around!

Our apologies for the delay in blogging - May was a pretty hectic month for us! But we should be returning to our regularly scheduled programming soon.

To catch up, how many of you went to the Parker Art Salon back in the beginning of May? I went, and loved it! So many fantastic pieces - walking around all three floors made me buzz with so much excitement.

I also went to grab a shot of this wonderful work! Earlier this year, artist Sarah Knoebber came in to inquire about our dry mounting services. For her light-inspired piece, she wanted to be able to mount her semi-transparent collage on acrylic in order to truly capture the dynamic of light in her pieces. After much consideration and thought, we mounted the piece onto plexi, and in order to have light shimmer through, we also built an additional clear plexi frame at the back. This way the piece ("Woman Listening") could be viewed both front and back, allowing the audience to interact with it as they wish!

We also assisted with the resining of her other piece below:

While the resin was able to capture and deepen the vibrancy of the colors in her collage ("Other Worlds"), it also sealed it completely, protecting it from being interactive in a tactile manner. The transparency and exposure of  "Woman Listening" invited viewers to draw in, explore, touch. Both stunning and gorgeous pieces, with their own personalities and flavor.

Thank you for using us, Sarah! We're delighted to have been part of your art-making process!


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