Friday, July 21, 2017

Frame Features - Leaf Palazzo Collection

Big news everyone! For the first time ever, we have short videos showcasing our many frame styles! Now you'll be able to see the size, shape and color on your screen better - without having to receive a chip sample!

Here's our very first video, featuring the Leaf Palazzo Collection:

The Leaf Palazzo frames measure 2-3/4" wide, with a 1/2" rabbet/depth. Made from wood, this ornate, intricate frame features a bold relief design in antique foil finish, while being lightweight. Its matte, black-mottled texture and antiquing makes it a perfect frame for statement piece for home-decor, interior design, and showrooms. 

Excellent complimentary frame for oil paintings and bold, abstract artworks. Make sure to select an artwork that is not too overly complicated with details, as it may compete with the decadence of the frame.

The Leaf Palazzo frame collection comes in gold, silver, silver-black and black. We can make them in custom-sizes to fit any wall space or mantle, around any original piece of work. Add a sheet of mirror from the hardware store and you've got yourself a stunning hallway mirror with a touch of old Versailles! Give a call or email today, and stay tuned for our next Frame Feature video!


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