Friday, September 29, 2017

Everyone Ready for #Inktober?

It's that time of the year again! For artists looking to practice their craft, Inktober is just around the corner.

There are many ways an artist go about Inktober. Traditionally it was meant to be in full black and white, but I don't see why it can't be in color either. After all, a lot of line art these days require more subtle hues depending on the style and subject being drawn, and thankfully ink comes in many different forms.

Example of an inked artwork fro JetPens

So here are some of our thoughts regarding materials used for Inktober:

Use dip pens with acrylic ink because hello they are so pretty!!

FW Acrylic Ink - watercolor-like fluidity and transparency but permenant

I honestly think watercolor should count as part of this challenge too, because you also "ink" and outline in watercolor pieces.

Inktober submission by WeThree3 and done in watercolors

This is my favorite watercolor brand to "ink" with.

Kuretaki Gambi watercolors. Super pigmented and affordable, and easy to load onto an ink pen via a brush.

Finally, of course, there are colored fine liners and Sakura micron pens. They should also totally count.

So those are some of our thoughts and feelings about the whole #inktober controversy. Ultimately, the spirit of the challenge is to practice drawing with commitment - as in, to practice what you're doing (with whatever medium you're working with) but also with a certain permanence (like what ink does). The permanence forces you to work with mistakes, encourages acceptance and drives you to complete a piece completely and authentically, without losing motivation due to perfectionism. So whether you're doing your pieces in ink, on the computer or by paint, commit to finishing your work with no "edits" - no restarting, no erasing, no cover-up. It is what it is, and be proud of it!

And if you feel proud of your piece enough to commemorate it, we offer scanning, printing and framing services! Our huge selection of fine art papers will suit any medium or illustration style, from bright, smooth matte paper for clean, crisp graphics, to textured German Etching paper to capture that watercolor texture and authenticity. We also print on metallic and gloss paper, to give your work a bit of sheen and shine.

Call us today, and happy  #inktober or #practicetober!

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