Friday, March 23, 2018

Printing Logos for Office Decor

There's nothing that symbolizes a business's values and practice better than a logo. But why stop at just marketing materials? A large piece of art with your business' name in the foyer or reception area makes a huge impact on customers: that you're proud of your business, that its identity is worth hugely celebrating.

So when it comes to printing logos for office decor, we have a few tips to make your order easier. We'll talk about file size and set up, as well as the pro and cons of the most common choices of printing for office decor.

File Size + Setup

When looking for a file to send us, there are two options:
  • A raster (or .jpeg) file
  • a vector file (anything ending in .ai, .svg, .eps)
If you have a .jpeg file, you will have to check in with your graphic designer (or us) to see if it is has enough information to be printed at the size you're looking for. 

If your graphic designer has already placed the logo in a file with a background and has set it to the size it will be printed at, then it should be high enough quality. Their file should also have a bleed (for edges), and set in Adobe RGB

If neither of these options are possible, please send us the logo in a vector format. This will allow us to scale the logo up without losing any quality or information.  We can quickly put together a mock up for you and send you a proof before we proceed with printing.

Choose Your Material

Depending on the look you are going for, some materials will be a better fit than others. Here are some of our recommendations and why:

  • Canvas - With canvas, you can't go wrong. Traditional, warm, and coated with UV-protected finishes, the colors of your logo will remain vibrant and vivid for years to come. Lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to clean (just wipe the dust off with microfibre cloth). An excellent long-term solution. They can also be ordered in custom sizes, to fit whatever space you need to fill. 

  • Plaque Mounting - A little more formal, but definitely has a more "sign-like" appeal. With beveled edges and your choice of color, plaque mountings are a little more conservative, informational, and polished. They are also finished with a soft matte-laminate, which makes the colors vibrant while also easy to clean. They have a little more permanence and are not as easy to hang as canvases, but make excellent, official impressions. They can also be ordered in custom sizes, to fit whatever space you need to fill. 

  • Metal Prints - If you're looking for something much more modern, metal prints are now all the rage. They function just like plaque mounts, and are durable as well as scratch resistant. They are also much more lightweight than plaques, and have a clean, border-less edge. However, they are only available in standard sizes. They also come in two different finishes: white gloss and clear gloss. With white gloss, the images are bright and saturated. With clear gloss finish, the metallic texture will be more dominant, and will be seen in any area of the picture that is white. An excellent choice for businesses with a tech or lightspeed edge, or software start-ups.


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