Thursday, June 29, 2017

Top 5 Vancouver Art Galleries to Visit

With summer now in full bloom, there will be lots of chances for sight-seeing. Whether you're a tourist or a resident of Vancouver, here are some of our top 5 choices for galleries you must visit.

5. Spirit Wrestler Gallery

101-1699 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-669-8813
Founded in 1995, the Spirit Wrestler Gallery is a leading contemporary fine art gallery representing Inuit, Northwest coast and Maori artists. Specializing in exhibitions that showcase contemporary direction in aboriginal art, the Spirit Wrestler Gallery specifically curates and showcases works that explore themes such as cross-cultural communication, the use of new material (such as glass and metal) environmental concerns, modern interpretations of shamanism, and other issues pertaining to the changing world.  

4. Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art

639 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-682-3455
Named in celebration of acclaimed Haida artist Bill Reid (1920-1998), the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast art is a public gallery devoted to contemporary Indigenous Art. In addition to showcasing special exhibitions from contemporary Indigenous West Coast artists, the Bill Reid Gallery also exhibits Reid’s iconic gold and silver jewelry, his monumental sculptures in bronze and stone, and a full-scale totem pole carved by James Hard of Haida Gwaii. An icon in Northwest Coast art, Bill Reid’s legacy continues to inspire emerging artists to infuse Haida art traditions with modern forms of expression. As a core part of Northwest Coast history and art, the Bill Reid Gallery is a  must-see for visitors or residents of Vancouver.

3. Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-681-2700

As the longest standing independent and non-profit public art gallery in Vancouver, CAG is dedicated to research, exhibition education, and documentation of contemporary visual arts and its practices. Every year 10-20 exciting public exhibitions are hosted, and a series of residences is annually provided for Canadian and international artists contributing to the local art scene. To encourage accessibility to art for all, CAG also offers an extensive range of learning and public programs or adults, families and children. In accordance to their fundamental philosophy that art should be accessed, enjoyed, and debated by all, the CAG offers all its programs free of charge, and its admissions are offered by donation.

2. Coastal Peoples Fine Art Gallery

332 Water Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-684-9222

Since its inception over 20 years ago, Coastal Peoples has become renown for its high-end, museum-quality works which entice newcomers and collectors alike to delve into its legendary art form with strong First Nation roots.. The Gallery’s collection showcases art emerging from First Nations culture and history, and encompasses both the traditional and contemporary, captured by lore and mythicism, while remaining culturally expressive. Patronage through Coastal Peoples Fine Art Gallery supports artists in contributing to their families and communities, as well as the preservation and continuation of West Coast First Nation culture.

1. Vancouver Art Gallery

750 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-662-4719

With its monumental presence, the VAGis a classic must-see for visitors and residents alike. Within its stately architecture and cutting-edge exhibitions, you will find works from leading contemporary artists, as well as collections from revered artists in Canada’s history. The gallery has featured famous works from artists Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace, Stan Douglas, Rodney Graham, Roy Arden and Brian Jungen, while also showcasing the largest collection of Canadian icon Emily Carr. Stationed in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, the VAG is recognized as the capital of creativity and artistic energy.


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