Friday, November 12, 2010

The East Side Culture Crawl is almost here!

As fall tumbles into Christmas, there are always a plethora of craft and art events at which to spend your time and money. there is the venerable Cirlce Craft next weekend, and the Toronto export The One of a Kind Show the first week of December. Between these two, however, is arguably the best art event of the season, the Eastside Culture Crawl.

the argument for the Eastside Culture Crawl's superiority runs as follows:

it is free.

It is an open studio event. Rather than going to a convention center, visitors get to see the artist's working, and often living spaces. these are often housed in large buildings like the ARC at 1701 Powell street, or the Murgatroid building, at 975 Vernon drive. So with minimal walking you can cover allot of ground, and see not only the art, but where it is made.

The fee for artists is affordable, so you get much more variety than at other events.  You are not just going to see stocking suffers.  There are all kinds of art on display here, including performances in the evening.

and finally, the coup de gras:  the Eastside Culture Crawl is the social and cultural even of the season, if not the year, because Yours Truly is going to open their studio doors to you all. At the very top of 1701 Powell. see you all there.

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