Thursday, November 25, 2010

Patric Cruz at Shudder Gallery

Here is some V. exiting news:  My friend the crazy talented Patrick Cruz has a show on December 2 at the Shudder Gallery.

Patrick is a ridiculously prolific artist who works in many mediums, including painting, sculpture, sound, and the internet.  Patrick's art, Which I have had may opportunities to witness first hand, is wild. As in the opposite of banal. it is joyful, insouciant, and hilarious, and yet brings to my mind a sense of disintegration and abjectness. he manages what few artists, and few people, manage:  to talk about the present without being depressing.

His work makes me think of Apocalypse, by Willima S Burroughs

"Neon explosions and tornados splash through ruined cities. Volcanos spew molten colors as the Earth's crust buckles & splinters into jigsaw pieces." 

I am sure I am not getting it all. Dec 2, just go look for yourself. 

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