Friday, May 24, 2013

BRILLIANT, SHINY, GLOSSY, BOLD: Let us make your prints shine extra bright with our new epoxy resin finish!

We now offer an epoxy resin for all your prints.  Epoxy is known for its strong adhesive qualities and durability which is probably why it is used for structural and engineering purposes.  It is used for boats, automobiles, aircrafts, flooring and even dentistry! So why are we offering this service?  Epoxy is a very versatile material; its strength can help protect your prints from water damage, physical stress and scratches - with the added bonus of having an amazing glass-like appearance when applied onto your prints!  

Giclee Canvas vs. Giclee Canvas with Epoxy Resin Finish

The clear, glassy appearance has made it very popular for hobbyist doing DIY projects and artists that want to make their artwork stand out. Only a thin coat is required for the brilliant shine. An epoxy coating is like varnish, however it is much thicker, which acts like an extra protective coating for your artwork, prints or canvases. The cured resin will be heat, water and scratch resistant and it dries very glossy to achieve a shiny effect.

It makes colorful images look beyond beautiful through how it reflects and retracts light. The finish intensifies the colors by making it look more saturated! It is a great way to make your beautiful photos look even more stunning. 

You may now visit to add a resin coating to all your prints! It is a very good way to make your prints shine and it also helps protect them for years of enjoyment! 


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