Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Father's Day 2013

This year Father’s Day is being celebrated on June 16th, and like every year we try to find the perfect gift to show how much we appreciate our amazing dads, grandfathers and/or our uncles. 

Seems as though there are only a few choices we can really select from.  You can always gift him the go to silk-tie or the latest techy gadgets, but what do they really mean to him? Every year we can give the same things; whether it is Father's Day, his birthday or Christmas, but sometimes it's the most meaningful, sentimental gifts that last forever.

Here at VancouverOnCanvas, we value sentimentalism, every day we create new memories and moments with those we love. A lot can change in one year, and many of those moments are capture through photography. A photo is a good artifact to help us remember those moments we shared with our families and it's what matters most. 

With the technology available to us, we are able to easily capture those moments. Almost anyone can take photography up as a hobby. Cell phone cameras are almost as powerful as point and shoot cameras and with social media platforms we can instantly and easily share what's going on in our daily lives. 

But how many of those photos get lost in the digital world? We show off our lives online but what about in the world we live in? I love going through old photographs of my parents and I from ages ago, but there are less and less photographs of us taken in the past decade. Imagine how many photographs are just sitting in a flash drive or stored in our pictures folder on the computer. 

This father's day, I will dig up those old photos and print them out to show off what an amazing dad I have and the moments we have created together!

Please visit VancouverOnCanvas.com to create a photographic story of the moments shared with dad.

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