Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's How You Hang It (Part 2) - Picture Hanging Hardware

A couple of days ago, I posted a blog about hanging systems, and today I will be writing about the different hanging hardware we offer at Vancouver On Canvas. I never realized how many different types of picture hanging hardware there was available just for one item! The size, weight and even the look of how a canvas or a print hangs changes the type of hardware we have to choose for your prints. So let's get started!

1. Wire and Hook
A wire and hook hanging system is the most simplistic picture hanging solution for most of our canvases and framed photos. This method of hanging pictures is very easy to use and effective.  Typically, there are two hooks attached on either ends of the canvas or picture frame and a wire is used for hanging. A hook is nailed onto the wall to hang your photos. There are various hooks attached to the image depending on the frame width and weight of the photo.  Below are some of the hooks and fasteners we use for our canvases:



 These picture frame hangers are use for most of our medium to large canvases. They are the most standard type of hangers used with a wire and they sit flush against the wall to reduce obstruction. 

The hook is securely fastened on each end of your canvas or picture frame and the wire is wrapped around the hook to easily hang all your photos and artwork!


This is the standard hook that is used for hanging. You simply nail it to where you want to hang it and put up your photos. There are different sizes for different weights and frame thickness. You can easily remove them if you change your mind on where you want to place your photos.  


This hook is generally used for heavier picture frames and the work better with plaster or thick walls.

2. Sawtooth
Sawtooth hangers are found on canvases, they are to be hung on a nail. This method of hanging is not as stable as the wire and hook method; therefore they’re used for smaller canvas prints. The hanger is either embedded into the wooden frame or attached with screws. The bottom of the hanger is serrated to easily secure itself onto the nail.

We have three different sawtooth hangers (top to bottom):
1. Standard Nail-less Sawtooth Hanger: These hangers have a tooth an each end that is hammered into the wooden frame. Because there is a bit of a gap between the hanger and the frame, it will extend from the wall.

2. Nail and Screw Sawtooth Hanger: These hangers require a nail or screw to be fastened onto the wooden frame, and are sturdier than the nailess version.
3. Nail-less Sawtooth Hanger: These hangers sit flush against the wooden frame, unlike the standard sawtooth hanger
3. Plastic Hook

These plastic hooks have an adhesive on one side to be attached on posters mounted on foamboard and gatorboard. They are used for prints that are lightweight and to be hung as-is. These hangers are hung on push-pins or thumb tacks.

4. Hanging Rail

This aluminum hanging rail is great for very large and heavy pictures. Two rails interlock into each other to securely hang on a wall. It is sturdier because it is secured with screws; one on the wall and one on the picture.   

This hanging system requires installation. You must have two identical rails for this system to be secure. Fasten one   This system is versatile and easy to install. You can use it for multiple photos or one large one.
rail onto your photo, artwork or wood frame and then screw in the other rail onto the wall. Make sure the rails fit into one another before you attach them to the wall and artwork. The rail that goes onto the wall should have the screw in section at the bottom and make sure the second rail fits before attaching it to your photo.

5. Suspension System
This hanging system is very sleek and modern looking. The cable and fasteners are made from stainless steel that can make a space look upscale and contemporary. This hardware can be used with glass, acrylic, metal and wood.

Cable + Gripper
This system is very versatile; it allows us to hang multiple pictures onto one cable in all different directions. It not only is good for hanging pictures, posters or presentation material you can also use it for shelving!  The cable wires are thin so that it won’t detract from the beauty of the image and it has a floating effect because it can be hung from anywhere you choose!
The fasteners can be used for all types of materials to help us easily hang as many images as we want on the cable. You can just use a cable can be attached ceiling- to-floor or wall-to-wall, you may also attach rods for banners or signage.  Multiple wires can be used for a desired look or effect. They’re great for office use or as modern decor.  The best thing is that you can change the images whenever you want!

This type of hanging hardware can be used for dry mounted posters, plexi-mounts, banners or anything that is flat.

6. Standoff  Bolt

For our plexi- mounts, steel bolts are used to mount them on the wall. The combination of a translucent plexiglass with the steel bolt makes it look very contemporary and clean.  


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