Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How To: Mounting a Canvas into a Frame

In the past week, I've been getting a lot of phone calls about custom picture framing and canvas framing. People want to know how they can mount their own canvases and assemble their picture frames once they receive their picture frame order. I decided to write a blog post, that may spawn into a "How-to" series.

Floater frames are used for framing canvases. The edge of the frame doesn’t touch the canvas so you are able to see the entire image and it reduces any damage to the painting or print. Since the canvas has a small space around it, it creates an illusion that it is floating within the frame.

With your frame order, you will receive:

1. Assembled Floater Frame
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2. Offset Clips (includes screws)

3. Hanging Kit (Wire, wall hook, wire hooks, foam padding)

Tools Needed: 
  • Hammer
  • Screw driver and drill
  • Pliers 

The steps are very simple and you will have your canvas framed in minutes! Here is a diagram that shows you what it should look like after you have followed all the steps:

Let's Get Started!

1. Place Canvas face down onto a clean, flat surface.
Ensure your workspace is clean and you have all your tools ready. You want to make sure nothing on the work area will cause an abrasion on your canvas. 

2. Position the frame, face down, over the canvas.
You should try to center and even out the frame as much as possible when putting it over the canvas, because you don’t want the frame to look uneven when it is assembled. Make sure the back sides of the canvas and the frame are facing you.

3. Position the offset clips.
Place one offset clip at the top center and bottom center of your canvas and frame. Screw in both offset clip into the canvas frame.  Turn the
work around to check if it is still aligned center and re-position if it is not center. Screw on an offset clip to either side of the canvas frame and turn around the frame to see if it is centered from the front. 

4. Secure the rest of the offset clips onto the frame.
** Make sure the space between the floater frame and canvas frame are even before you secure the rest of the offset clips on.

5. Install hanging hardware
In your hanging kit, you will have two wire hooks, a wire, wall hook and foam pad. Screw the wire hooks to either side of your floater frame - making sure it is positioned at the top third of your frame. Attach the wire to the hooks and the foam padding to the bottom of your frame. Nail the wall hook onto the place you want to hang your art.

Wire Hook

Wall Hook

6. Display your art! 

Six easy steps to getting your canvas ready to hang! Please visit VancouverOnCanvas.com to order your custom picture frame!


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