Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Too many photos to choose from? Create a fun collage or a photo mosaic!

The weather has been very beautiful and hot last week, with mild hot periods, it almost feels like summer! I find that during summer there tends to be more things going on such as events, special celebrations, vacations and parties - people are out more often. I reckon that tons and tons of photos are taken during this season because there are so many things going on: weddings, graduations, vacations, scenery, BBQs, holidays and birthdays.

So what do people usually do with all these photos? How do you keep track of all the photos throughout the years? How can you choose only a few of your favourite photos to print? Since wedding season is approaching, we have been receiving a lot of engagement photos and wedding related prints. It must be difficult to choose your top five favourite photos to print when they all look amazing. I recently got to work on this huge photo mosaic for a lovely couple. They chose a photo of themselves to be the main photo and over 300 photos from the wedding and reception to create a photo mosaic. It looked very cool when it was finished. Others have been using text from song lyrics or symbols that only they understand to create their mosaics.

Before and After

Traditional art mosaics are created by using tiny cut material (glass, stone and etc) to create a large piece of art. When looking from it at a distance you can see an entire image and when close up you can see each individual piece. It must take ages to finish one piece of work!

It is the same process for photo mosaics. At Vancouver on Canvas, we take all your photos and use it to create a large photo of your choice. It's almost like making your own version of "Where's Waldo?"

Close Up

If you don't have tons and tons of photos you want to use, there is also the option of photo collages. You can pick your favourite photos and let us create a canvas print or a fine art print. You take some of your photos and we will create the collage for you. There's the regular box style collage or you can be adventurous and get other shapes and designs made.

Family Fun

This is another way you can take all your photos and print them all together. Since everything is printed on one piece, it's easy to hang and display where ever you like!

We have received many collage orders for children's pictures. Most of them illustrate their growth from a baby to a toddler - these are extremely adorable!

With the summer months quickly approaching, there are probably many reasons to be out and about snapping photos. So visit Vancouver on Canvas to start creating your photo mosaic or photo collage today!

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