Friday, August 8, 2014

Vintage Vancouver Photography

East Hastings Street (1921)


Vancouver has more than 125 years worth of history. A small settlement which began in Gastown has now become one of the most populous cities in Canada. Vancouver. Can you believe the photo above was what East Hastings Street used to be? 
Sometimes we feel nostalgic and want to reminisce about the past. Although we can capture any photo we want sometimes an old photo with some character is the gem we were looking for. We dug up old photos of our beloved city that can help with decorating your space. Whether you space is new or old these photos an help bring a certain je ne sais quoi to your room. It not only adds character but it will definitely be a conversational piece!  

You can visit our archival gallery to look at all photos from the past. There are some streets and landmarks you wouldn't even see or recognize today! We will be contently adding photos so don't forget to keep checking back.

Order a vintage photo of Vancouver today from our archival gallery or start uploading your own photos on!

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