Friday, January 16, 2015

Mixing Up Art

Acrylic Paint, Found Objects and Resin inside a shadow box

The piece of art above might come off as morbid and unusual. It uses various media to express the artist's feelings and message. We're more familiar with oil/acrylic paintings, pastel art, watercolour paintings and sketches when we think of visual artwork. However, to keep things interesting and new, some artists are creating mixed media artwork.

I've noticed since we've been offering resin pouring services that many artist are open to using all different types of media to create their work. I never would have thought a painter would want to  pour resin onto their paintings. I didn't think it was common and the risk of doing it is high because you can't reverse it. However, it adds another dimension to the artwork and it can make it look more modern. 

Oil Painting using resin for texture 

Aside from resin, I've noticed artists mixing paints with ink pens, pastels and found objects. It seems as though this type of art is almost like collage, and it can be, however I think with some creativity it can be a one-of-a-kind piece of work. 

By mixing different techniques and media, you can create many layers and textures that a single style cannot create. We had one artists who creates mosaics using glassware, chinaware and metal objects to create giant masterpieces. Mosaics are very traditional, however he made it more modern by using modern day themes and figures. It was nothing I've ever seen before.

Acrylic Paint, Resin and Glitter on a wood panel

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