Friday, July 10, 2015

[NEW SERVICE] Gel Embellishment

A high quality art reproduction looks so real that you could have mistaken it for the original! With a combination of a high resolution digital capture and photo editing software, we are able to make amazing copies of your artwork. The fine lines, brush strokes and texture on the print would look so real it could fool anyone!

However, the main difference is that the print would be a flat surface. If you created a heavily textured painting the experience of feeling the bumps and ridges are gone. Now, we are offering a gel embellishment service that allows you to put some of that texture back into your artwork! Also, if you are a digital artist or have a piece of art that doesn't have texture you can also apply the gel embellishment to make your art more unique!  

The gel medium dries clear so the colour and texture of the print aren't taken away. Alternatively, artists can add colour to the medium to create more depth.

The gel medium is brushed on by our production team to create a unique and dynamic look. 

L: Canvas Print, R: Canvas Print with Gel Embellishment   

If you were interested in our new service or have more questions about gel embellishments visit us at to find out more!

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