Friday, March 9, 2018

Fine Art Paper Showcase

When it comes to reproducing artwork, choosing the right paper is a huge deal. With different weights, textures, tones, it can be hard to pick the right one to communicate the "whole package" to a client, or to capture the full essence of your artwork. Below we list some of the characteristics of our best selling fine-art paper to help you choose.

These are our top 3 bestsellers: the Enhanced Matte paper, the Hahnemuhle Photo-Rag, and the Hahnemuhle German Etching.

Enhanced Matte

The most economic, smooth and bright, the enhanced matte is our most popular option. Though it is not archival in quality, its brightness and wide gamut allows for a very rich saturation of colors. Thus, this paper is a universally excellent choice...especially for images that really "pop", such as bold, matte graphics, bright portrait photography, or smooth, rich typography.

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag

This is our most popular archival paper. Like the enhanced matte, it has a very smooth coverage that compliments virtually any image. It is slightly heavier in weight and of a pleasant, distinct thickness. It is uncoated, with a very subtle texture that's evocative of hot-pressed watercolor paper, which harmonizes very well with artworks in traditional mediums. An image printed on Photo Rag has the feeling of being nearly like the original - sturdy, polished, and hand-pressed with love.

Hahnemuhle German Etching

If you would like an even heavier and more textured choice than the Photo Rag, we recommend our German Etching paper. With a substantial thickness and coarseness akin to cold-pressed watercolor paper or rougher, the German Etching is an excellent choice for those who really want to capture that "original" look and feel. Because of its rough texture, it isn't capable of capturing as wide of a color gamut as the other papers - so we recommend going with German Etching if you have paintings with rich, dark colors, as opposed to light, gentle washes.

Specialty Fine Art Papers: Moabs, Baryta and William Turner

For those thinking more outside the box, we also have 4 additional specialty papers. Each have been tailored to suit a more specific need or purpose, which we will get into here.

 Moab Entrada, Bright and Natural

The Moab series is an excellent archival match to the Enhanced Matte paper. It is similar in weight, with a very wide gamut, and comes in either warm or bright whiteness. Because of its wide gamut, I would recommend the Moab for any work that has soft colors, gradients, transparencies, etc, as it is capable of capturing that subtlety.  The Moab Bright especially provides excellent contrast for black-and-white work.

Though uncoated, there is a rich, smooth feel to it, evocative of vellum. Though its color and brightness are a win, most artists tend to prefer the Photo-Rag for its slightly thicker density and weight.

Baryta and William Turner

The Baryta is an interesting paper. It is extremely heavy and glazed with a thick coating that enhances the richness of the colors beneath. Its gamut is also very wide, and is excellent for black and white or rich photography. That being said, sometimes the gloss can be a little rigid and off-putting, reserved only for very specific circumstances.

The William Turner is similar to the German Etching, but consider it as its ultimate, Hulked-out brother. Extremely thick and sturdy, one can definitely feel the amount of pulp that was hard-pressed to make it. Its texture is also rich and riddled, excellent for recreating oil paintings and acrylics. However, because it's texture is so thick, it is harder for the printer to capture the same range in its gamut.

 And there you have it, our condensed, more poetic take on our Fine Art papers. If you'd like to learn about their specifications in more detail, visit our website here!

To experience these papers yourself, we do also sell a sample pack of not just the Fine Art papers, but the photographic ones too! Pop one into your cart here for $29 + shipping and handling.


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