Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Robots and Monsters at the Ayden Gallery

As we approach the scariest/funnest day of the year, one of the funnest galleries in Vancouver is putting on a show that might scare the party into you.

I like the Ayden gallery because it always shows a wide variety of art and craft mediums, including wearable and furniture. The work they show is always extremely visually engaging and in direct continuity with contemporary culture. I really enjoy the fact that they are located in the same building as Tinseltown. their openings are great parties, and it is always fun to drink at the mall.

Their opening this Friday looks like it will continue this positive trend. Their list is packed with artists, and their website offers drinks and live painting performances.

and for someone like me who thinks that Halloween should be a statutory holiday, it is always nice to have another day to celebrate.

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